10 Minute Twitter Profile Setup Guide

Your profile is the face of your Twitter account.

When one of your tweets goes viral or you reach out to a new prospect, you can bet that your profile will be visited shortly after - so it's important for it to be optimized for success.

Here are a few real world examples of why an optimized Twitter profile is important.

So without further delay, it's time to get started on...

The 5 Key Points Of Your Twitter Profile

  1. Cover Photo
  2. Follow Button
  3. Bio
  4. Profile Link
  5. Pinned Tweet

Our Twitter Account for reference: https://twitter.com/EngageNinja

#1 - Your Cover Photo

This is the biggest opportunity to get your message across, since the cover photo is literally massive and the first thing people see.

Use this space to get your brand message across, or a widely accessible CTA, such as a free trial or free consultation.

How To Do This: Use Canva + Pexels

  1. Make a free account at Canva and then use their "Twitter Header" template.
  2. Download a relevant image from Pexels, a high quality, free stock photo resource.
  3. Upload your new high quality photo to Canva to make a free Twitter profile header with your description or CTA text in place.

Here a few examples to get you started (with the first tweet hidden to keep the focus).

#2 - The Follow Button

You can't control this one, but it's important regardless. The Follow button is an excellent CTA button with great placement, and many people naturally gravitate to it if they're on a good looking profile. You can ask for people to follow you for "x" reason in your cover photo.

Example: Follow me to keep up with my monthly giveaways (a great way to get more followers, and quick).

How To Do This: Nothing to do, Twitter did it for you!

#3 - Your Bio

Here you have 160 characters to explain who you are and what you're about. Alternatively this space is great for another CTA, because you can add an additional link here.

Keep in mind that some people search Twitter bio's by keywords, so make sure to naturally include a relevant few that can help your visibility.

Furthermore, your Twitter bio shows up in Google's search once your Twitter account is indexed, and will show up when people search your brand.

Any @Account you link to in your bio with the @ will automatically by hyperlinked to their profile. Many brands will create a separate Twitter account to manage all of their support requests.

It's also common for people to link out to the businesses they work with or have founded. This will give some extra traffic to those pages.

Tip: A good special offer to do is a "Twitter Follower Discount", where you can offer 10% off (or something relevant) if they use the discount code TWEET10. This makes it easy to track how many sales are coming from Twitter as well. This can be used either in your bio, pinned tweet, or even in your cover photo.

How To Do This: Simply describe your business or brand here.

  1. If you have a service or product, try following the format, "Feature, Advantages, Benefits" to describe what you offer. Example: "Ninja-Managed Twitter Marketing Services. Save time growing your brand online and enjoy getting new leads on autopilot."
  2. If that's not a fit for you, just use this space to simply describe who you are or what you do. Keep in mind that you can always change it, as bio will naturally change over time as you grow with your account and you add new offerings or refine what you currently do.

Here are a few examples below on how brands link to other Twitter accounts from their bio

Tip: Your Theme Color also determines the colors of your links, so make sure that they stand out! Look at the last bio example for @VaynerSports and see how the profile links barely stand out compared to on the other pages.

#4 - Your URL

You should put your website homepage or a landing page specifically for Twitter directly below your bio. People will visit your Twitter profile from all over, and it's important for them to be able to quickly access your main website.

How To Do This: Copy and paste your website homepage into your profile URL.

  1. Go to your Twitter profile.
  2. Click "Edit Profile".
  3. Paste your website URL into the corresponding field.
  4. Save changes.

#5 - Your Pinned Tweet

Last but far from least, your pinned tweet is a golden opportunity. Here you can fit 140 characters of goodness, including your link, along with a photo which can contain more text or a catching image.

This spot is perfect to promote a new trending blog post, a contest or giveaway, a discount or sale, or anything else you can think of.

Have a special sale going on? Write a tweet with a custom graphic making people aware of the sale, and provide a link.

Want more Instagram followers? Tell people to follow you on Instagram for more updates and link to your Instagram profile, with a nice photo from IG embedded (of course).

Want retweets & follows? Post something clever, engaging, or relatable in order to show your personality and encourage interaction.

The pinned tweet is infinitely flexible and will be one of your most powerful tools in your Twitter marketing toolbox. You can put anything here, including text, hashtags, links, images, gifs, and videos. And thanks to a recent update, those photos, gifs, and videos won't take up any of your 140 characters.

You can also re-pin a new tweet to this space any time you'd like. This allows you to change out your offer with whatever your immediate marketing objective is, or easily test new creatives.

How To Do This: Put your main CTA here with a catching and relevant image.

  1. This should be your most accessible and effective lead magnet to get people onto your list. Use Canva to make your image.
  2. Alternatively this should be an engaging/insightful/funny tweet to get retweets and more followers.

It's time to optimize your Twitter profile for success. If you focus, it shouldn't take longer than 10-20 minutes to get your profile completely outfitted for a long time to come.

Here are a few more accounts you can check out for some great profile inspiration: @Postplanner @Hubspot @Crazyegg @Moz

Setting up your Twitter profile is crucial, as you have a strong foundation for your marketing efforts if you want to be able to build up. If you want to continue to scale your Twitter marketing, join our free 7 day challenge or check out our services to see if we can help you really kick things up a notch.


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