How Digital Marketer got 22,869 Link Clicks From Twitter On Autopilot

December 30th, 2016 by Morgan Crozier

Twitter is an incredible source of targeted traffic, if you know how to use it properly.

If you're not already aware, Digital Marketer is a data-driven online marketing company known for creating methods and techniques based on their findings..

They do a ton of testing and are quite proud of it.

This means that they're a perfect resource of what's working in marketing. It's a pretty sure sign that if you see Digital Marketer doing something consistently, that it's a good idea.

So I took a look at their Twitter account in order to find out what they're doing.

And by 'a look', I mean a hours-long, deep-dive analysis of 499 recent tweets from @DigitalMktr

First, here's how I was able to get an inside look at the link click statistics.

Competitive Research Secret Using Bitly is a link shortener service that gives you analytics on the links you shorten with it. It's useful for hiding links or tracking statistics on links that you normally couldn't track.

There's a secret benefit for savvy marketers that most people don't know about bitly.

You can add a "+" to the end of any bitly link and see the click statistics.

This works for any link, even if it's not yours.

Here, try it for yourself:

Without plus:
With plus:

It's an incredible way to get insight on how brand's marketing effrots are going for them. I think that if more people knew about this trick, they wouldn't use so often.

Anyways, I started the research with Digital Marketer's pinned lead magnet Tweet.

Digital Marketer's Lead Magnet Tweet

As you can see from the screenshot above, this bitly trick gives you all kinds of juicy information.

In the detail (click the link to see all of this) we can see that Digital Marketer got 1,154 clicks on their lead magnet from Twitter.

Now according to Ad Espresso, in 2016 the average CPC in the United States was 27 cents.

If you paid for that traffic through Facebook Advertising, that's a whopping $311 in clicks just from Twitter users casually going through their profile.

Now this got me curious, so I went through Digital Marketer's entire list of 499 tweets in November and pulled some numbers.

377 of those tweets included links. It's interesting to note that 75% of Digital Marketer's tweets include a link.

Click To TweetTweet: 75% of Digital Marketer's tweets include a link.

Fortunately they use tracking links for all of these tweets.

That's a whole lot of links and data to dig through. That's why we have coffee.

I pulled all 377 links and ran them through a duplicate line finder from Text Mechanic

This removed 256 lines, leaving us with 121 unique links tweeted through the month of November.

Digital Marketer's Link Click Results

According to the results, the links that @DigitalMktr tweeted generated a total of 22,869 link clicks to their content.

Those link clicks have come over more time than just the last month, but the important thing to note is that all of the tweets that we're talking about were automated or scheduled and part of their content marketing campaign.

Another interesting and important thing to note is that the only tweets we found that received 0 link clicks also didn't include an image, further proving how important it is to include some imagery in your tweets if you want results.

Digital Marketer's Tweet Strategy Breakdown

Some of the tweets completely repeat themselves, pretty much on a monthly basis.

This is a pretty safe strategy, since you can assume that nobody is going to scroll through thousands of tweets in your profile (unless you're strangeā€¦) and the odds of someone being online to see your duplicated tweet a month later are very low.

In fact, with a bit more digging, I found that Digital Marketer has tweeted the exact same tweet on nearly a weekly basis for two years now.

This same tweet continues to give them engagement and website traffic (As we can see from the 1,203 free link clicks to the content), 131 tweets later.

The Lesson To Be Learned

Don't sweat it too much.

There is a simple posting formula to follow here to get the same results, and some ways it could look if followed.

Monthly Content Tweet

Tweeting the same content monthly (If you don't have much content to work with)

Weekly Content Tweet

Tweeting the same content weekly (Will definitely get you a lot of link clicks, but will also likely burn your followers out.)

Alternative Daily Content Tweet (Need 5 Pieces Of Content)

This is a way to stretch out your tweets if you have around 5 pages of content to work with. This content can be a blog post, article, lead magnet, offer, or even your homepage.

Your week of tweeting would look something like this:

You would simply repeat this every week. It's easy to swap out the text to keep the tweets fresh if you have a few extra minutes.

Let's look at some ways to quickly improve on this strategy.

How could Digital Marketer improve their Twitter strategy?

#1 - They need more engaging tweets. Even though they have 33,000 followers (which isn't much for a brand this large), their average tweet only gets a few likes or retweets if they're lucky.

These tweets can be done in between the automated tweets with just a few minutes every day. They would strengthen the bond with their audience and encourage more people to tweet at them and engage for the chance to be interacted with, too.

#2 - More tweet variety. They could tweet more industry statistics, inside shots of the DM team, and quotes to be more personable and engage more with their audience to build a relationship.

That doesn't mean the have to stop tweeting their content, but they could tweet a relevant retweetable snippet from it instead of the simple description.

#3 - Test new tweet copy for scheduled repeat tweets. With so much content and a good audience size to work with, it's worth testing new tweet creatives and images to see what works best, instead of repeating the same tweets.

Digital Marketer isn't the only company we've seen using this strategy. To see it in action on some other accounts, check out @Infusionsoft and yours truly, @EngageNinja.

If you've found this useful or have any questions, just drop a comment below.

If you 'aint got time' for all of this, we've got you covered. Check out the details of our managed Twitter marketing services on our homepage, or send us a message and we'll help you out.


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