Engage Ninja Features

Here's what we do.

Hands Free (Like A Tesla)

We know Twitter. Enjoy the benefits of an expert-managed growth campaign without having to think about it.

Human-Powered Marketing

Your twitter account will grow on auto-pilot with our team of ninja's on the job. Let us do the work.

Targeted Website Traffic

Your new followers will see your tweets and links, resulting in free website traffic. Combined with our tweet strategy, this can give you a constant stream of targeted traffic.

Optimized To Success

We use an in-house algorithm and proprietary method developed over years of growing Twitter accounts to zero in on your ideal audience. Our Ninja experts are highly trained in twit-jitsu.

Real Accounts Only

Fake followers are a waste of time, so we only target real and active Twitter users so you have a quality, and relevant following who's ready to engage with you.

Build Your Tribe

Having a growing and engaged following on Twitter matters in this social world. We will kickstart your ability to build your brand recognition online.

Boost Brand Awareness

Simply put, the more followers you have, the more reach you have for your message. We take care of the hard work of building your brand and platform.

Meet Your Customers

On Twitter, it's acceptable to reach out to your prospects and customers one-on-one. We take care of building these individual relationships, one customer at a time.

Help Unhappy Prospects

Twitter is the only social network where it's acceptable to reach out to a customer who's having a bad experience with a competing brand. If you have a solution for them, we'll show them.

Safe To Use

Many other growth services run your account through an automated system, which increases the risk of getting your account shut down. Our team of humans keeps you safe.

Fast Results

Since we are engaging your ideal audience, the results are fast. You should notice an increase in followers and engagement within 2 days.

Dedicated Support

If you have any questions or get stuck anywhere, our friendly support team is available and fast to respond via email support. Email us any time at hello@engageninja.com. We are here to help

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